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Zero Trust Networking Zero Trust Networking Zero Trust Networking

Zero Trust Working is based on the principle of maintaining stringent access controls — and not trusting any user by default. While this form of cyber security isn’t for every organisation, it offers unparalleled levels of protection.


Every device and person trying to access a Zero Trust-protected IT system is required to verify their identity before gaining access to the private network. We can help you to implement this holistic approach to cyber security by providing you with a range of technologies and processes.

How Does the Zero Trust Security Model Work?

Continual Monitoring

A Zero Trust network assumes everything and everyone is a threat until they can prove otherwise. The network will continually monitor access attempts and execute validation processes to ensure nothing and no one gains access until they’ve been verified.

Least Privilege Access

Users with access to Zero Trust networks are given minimal access to information. This allows you to protect sensitive data from those who don’t have the required clearance.

Device Access Control

Zero Trust Working involves strict controls on which devices can access the system. Every device must be fully verified and checked for security threats.


This involves the creation of several small security zones, for which access must be granted individually. Microsegmentation allows you to grant access to only the data required by the user.

Lateral Movement Prevention

One way into particularly sensitive areas of an IT network is laterally — via another part of that network. Zero Trust systems prevent this kind of backdoor access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This requires the user to complete at least two separate verification processes to gain access to all or part of the network.

The Benefits of Zero Trust Working

When you enlist the expert services of Kindus to implement a Zero Trust network within your business, you can look forward to the following benefits:




  • Secure your remote IT infrastructure
  • Enhance compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Modernise your IT infrastructure for today’s threats
  • Create a better user experience
  • Streamline IT management
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches

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