A comprehensive approach

Assess Your Suppliers to Minimise Cyber Threats

You may have a great security system in place to protect your business systems from cyber threats. But if your suppliers’ systems are vulnerable to attack, so are you.

Supplier Due Diligence Supplier Due Diligence Supplier Due Diligence

At Kindus, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to supplier due diligence. Tried and tested over many years — with many different clients — our supplier screening and due diligence solutions will protect your internal systems from the latest, most sophisticated cyber threats out there today.


We understand how tough it can be to run a business these days. Most managers and key personnel don’t have the time or resources required to fully assess and vet third-party suppliers. That’s why we perform supplier due diligence checks that allow you to focus on your everyday responsibilities.

Our Approach

We will assess the regulatory, reputational and operational risks supplier systems pose to your business — and provide you with the tools you need for protection.

We’ll tailor an approach based on the findings of our initial assessment. The screening and due diligence options we provide might include:


  • A range of reports designed to give you a complete picture of the risks involved
  • Suggested workflows designed to improve automation and minimise human error
  • A full risk assessment
  • Establish an ongoing plan for monitoring and compliance

We’re Here to Help

Speak to one of our IT security experts today to discuss how we can protect your business with comprehensive third-party supplier audits.

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