Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Around the Clock Protection from Evolving Cyber Threats

The nature of cyber threats today means businesses of all shapes and sizes must continually update their security features. An IT asset that was fully protected against known threats yesterday might be vulnerable to attacks and breaches today.

For your peace of mind, we’ve developed a comprehensive patching service that takes day-to-day responsibility for patches and updates away from your desk. We’ll ensure you’re systems are always protected by installing patches as and when they emerge.

Patching as a Service Patching as a Service Patching as a Service

What Is a Patch?

Patches are changes to code that address vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. These patches can apply to existing applications, software tools, Cloud-based assets and on-site servers.

Not all patches and updates are applied automatically. In fact, a lot of organisations don’t realise that security patches are available — leaving their entire IT infrastructures vulnerable to attack.

Why Choose Kindus?

Your time is best spent on your operations and the needs of your customers. We’ll take care of updating your systems with the latest patches, while you take care of business.

We’ll create a custom patch schedule for your business and ensure it’s monitored at all times. As soon as patches become available, we’ll install them in the background — so your operations can continue as normal. You won’t even know that patches have been installed until we send you a report.

Your patches will be installed according to pre-agreed criteria, such as patch schedules, reboots, configuration changes and developer announcements.

Contact Us Today To Stay Updated

By installing patches as and when they become available, you can protect your IT infrastructure from the latest cyber threats. But that’s a lot of work if you’re already pushed for time. Let us take the strain. Call us today to find out more about patching as a service from Kindus.

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