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Identity & Access Management Identity & Access Management Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management is a collection of technologies and processes designed to make managing digital identities safer and more efficient. We’ll help you to implement a secure, user-friendly IAM system that makes controlling user access to critical information a fully automated and reliable process.

When you hire Kindus to design and execute your identity and access management process, our approach will include the components below.

What Does Identity and Access Management Involve?

Identifying roles

The identification of roles and how they’re assigned to individuals.

Audit of users on the system

Adding, removing and modifying users on the system.

Audit of user roles and access

Adding, removing and modifying user roles and access rights.

Protecting data on your system

Protecting the system — and the data contained within it.

Identity authentication

Ensuring services and data are only accessible to an authenticated and authorised identity.

The Benefits of IAM

We’ll create an IAM system that allows you to initiate, verify and manage user identities and assign access based on qualifying criteria you set. This automated method of managing digital identities can deliver a range of benefits to your business.

  • Review your procedures, records and company policies.
  • Verify that all the necessary controls are in place (security measures, hierarchical access to data, CCTV, etc.).
  • Speak to members of your team about their understanding of data privacy legislation.
  • Create a detailed report of our observations and findings.

Modernise YourDigital Identity Management Today

Protect your IT assets, comply with regulatory requirements and streamline your operation by allowing us to implement a bespoke identity and access management system. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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