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Take Ownership of Your Organisation’s Regulatory and Contractual Security Obligations

If you’re in a leadership role, you may need to take the lead in matters related to IT security. Being in charge of personal data is a position of enormous responsibility, so you need to know how to stay on the right side of regulations, contractual obligations and company guidelines.

Our executive leadership training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to take responsibility for IT security within your organisation. At the end of the training, you’ll be able to lead your team with confidence and comply with all your responsibilities and obligations.

Executive Leadership Training Executive Leadership Training Executive Leadership Training

We’ll look at real-world attacks and some of the latest threats, and we’ll show you the most up to date tactics, methodologies and techniques for defence, mitigation and recovery.

Our Approach

What Does Executive Leadership Training Involve?

We’ll take you through your IT security responsibilities step by step. You’ll be able to go back to your business armed with the knowledge you need to protect your business from costs related to non-compliance, data loss and contractual breaches.

Our training consists of:





  • An in-depth, structured course led by experienced cyber security experts.
  • Detailed information on your contractual, legal and regulatory obligations.
  • An opportunity to ask our experts anything related to IT security leadership.
  • A close look at today’s biggest cyber security threats.
  • Ways to mitigate both the risks and effects of cyber attacks.
  • How to lead a team in this area — and lead by example.

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