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Prepare Yourself for IT Security Disasters — and Protect Your Data

Planning for IT security disasters is one thing — but actually dealing with one in real-time is something completely different. While you can learn the disaster recovery steps required to save your data, implementing them when you’re under pressure is something you simply can’t prepare for.

We’re all human. We don’t always act decisively or logically when we’re in stressful situations. So when you’re trying desperately to mitigate the effects of an IT security breach, you need a little practice in realistic conditions.

Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises

Our disaster recovery tabletop exercises are group activities that test your team’s response to specific IT security scenarios. They’re also highly effective training tools that prepare the key people in your organisation for significant data loss or theft scenarios.

Think of disaster recovery exercises as fire drills for IT infrastructure. Everyone will have their specific instructions and responsibilities, but it’s a matter of getting it right on the day — while under significant pressure.

Our Approach

Why Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises Are So Important for Businesses

As well as preparing key people in your organisation for disaster recovery scenarios, our tabletop exercises will deliver the following benefits:







  • Develop your team’s critical thinking abilities
  • Demonstrate your company’s IT security credentials to potential clients
  • Fine-tune your disaster recovery plan
  • Ensure the right people are given the right responsibilities
  • Create worst-case data loss scenarios
  • Highlight deficiencies in your cyber threat defences

Prepare Your TeamReal-World Cyber Threat Scenarios

While you might have a great IT security system in place, it’s always a good idea to plan for the worst-case scenario. Test your team’s reaction to real-world scenarios with our disaster recovery tabletop exercises. To book your places, contact our IT security team today.

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