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We’ll Protect Your Crucial Data As if it Were Our Own

What would you do if you lost all your vital business data overnight? Do you have a data recovery plan in place? And if not, what effect would such catastrophic data loss have on your business?

Whether you don’t have time for disaster recovery or you don’t want to devote precious capital to new hardware purchases, we can help. Our disaster recovery as a service allows you to prepare for the worst without a significant upfront outlay.

We’ll take care of everything from backing up crucial data regularly to restoring your systems when disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery

How We Work

If disaster strikes, we’ll manage the recovery process from start to finish — so you can concentrate on your business operations and customers.

We take a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery in order to maximise protection for our clients’ IT networks. When you hire Kindus to create and manage your disaster recovery plan, you’re guaranteed the following services:





  • The creation of a disaster recovery plan.
  • The assignment of disaster recovery tasks and responsibilities.
  • An initial risk assessment of your current IT assets.
  • Business-critical asset identification.
  • Strictly scheduled backups according to a comprehensive backup strategy.
  • Continual testing and optimisation.

Protect YourCritical Data Today

Let us take the strain. We’ll design, implement and manage your disaster recovery strategy as if it were our own. Contact us today to discuss how we can protect your data from catastrophic loss.

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