Train Your Software Developers

Empower Your Software Developers to Guard Against Cyber Threats

If your team is responsible for software development, you need to know that they’re aware of the latest cyber threats and how to guard against them.

You can significantly reduce the chances of becoming a cyber attack victim by ensuring your developers can create applications with security features built-in from the outset. We’re here to help you get your developers up to speed on the very latest cyber threats and defence strategies.

Developer Training Developer Training Developer Training

Depending on where the knowledge gaps in your organisation are, we can provide security training on the following aspects of development:


– How to build defendable applications

– The most common design flaws to avoid

– PCI compliance

– How to create a culture of secure app development

– How to develop secure web applications

Who We Help

The more people you can train on cyber security, the more protection your business has from the latest threats. That’s why we tailor our training modules to the needs of the client.

We can create custom training modules based on the needs of your team as a whole or for specific individuals.

We create learning sessions for a wide range of roles, including:









  • Developers
  • Managers
  • Testers
  • Software architects
  • Business owners
  • Third-party collaborators

Bake IT Security intoYour Entire Organisation

We’ll help you to make your entire IT infrastructure more secure by developing software that’s inherently protected from common cyber threats from inception. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced cyber security experts.

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