By Grayde Bowen | 13/05/2024

eCommerce Shop Scams

Data from Security Research Labs has revealed a China based fake shopping network that they have named ‘BogusBazaar.’  They claim that: ‘As of April …

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By Grayde Bowen | 08/05/2024

Lockbit Ransomware Takedown

In February 2024 the UK National Crime Agency released details of how the NCA and other international policing agencies had disrupted the actions of …

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By Grayde Bowen | 23/04/2024

UK Cyber security breaches survey 2024

Lies, damned lies, and statistics (attributed to Disraeli) The UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024 was published on 9th April 2024.  Not surprisingly it …

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By Grayde Bowen | 25/03/2024

Digital Gift Card Issues

Both Apple and Google offer gift card services for use on their App stores.  Just as it states on the tin the card can …

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By Grayde Bowen | 26/02/2024

Biometric Security Hacks

Biometric security may not be the bulletproof security system that it appears to be.  The theory is that information such as fingerprints or facial …

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By Grayde Bowen | 05/02/2024

SMS Authentication Pitfalls

SMS is promoted as a reliable way to authenticate users.  A message is sent to a mobile number with a one-time passcode (OTP) that …

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By Grayde Bowen | 29/01/2024

Data Poisoning

Data Poisoning is an attempt to fool a system by inserting rogue data.  It could be a threat to AI systems because they build …

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By Grayde Bowen | 17/01/2024

Link Cloaking

In the ideal world every web page will be linked to a url that clearly and accurately describes the purpose of that page.  Unfortunately …

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By Grayde Bowen | 09/01/2024

Email Security

Email has been around since 1971 and still fulfills its basic purpose of sending a message between two computers.  The concept of keeping any …

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By Grayde Bowen | 11/12/2023

Weak Passwords

Recent studies show that easily guessed passwords are still in frequent use and that these passwords are not as obvious as they might appear. …

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By Grayde Bowen | 04/12/2023

Disguised Phishing Links

The Cloudflare 2023 Phishing Threats Report highlights the tactic of indirectly linking to malware.  This can involve the target receiving an email, text or …

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By Grayde Bowen | 27/11/2023

IoT Device Vulnerabilities

Kindus has previously discussed how IoT devices have become targets for hacker attacks. The 2023 Microsoft Digital Defense Report highlights further issues caused by …

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By Grayde Bowen | 06/11/2023

SIM Swapping

Our everyday activities have become increasingly reliant on mobile phone connectivity.  Even where a phone is not directly involved in a transaction it may …

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By Grayde Bowen | 09/10/2023

Cookie Theft

Cookie theft has been associated with the takeover of Facebook accounts by criminals based in Vietnam.  In 2021 Google cited cookie theft for the …

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By Grayde Bowen | 02/10/2023

3rd Party Security Breaches

In September 2023 it was announced that the Greater Manchester Police had suffered from a data hack exposing details used by the force’s security …

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By Grayde Bowen | 25/09/2023

Can the Government Have Its Cake and Eat It? UK Online Safety Bill Is Live.

Kindus has discussed the progress of the UK Online Safety Bill before in March 2023 and September 2022.  The law is designed to protect …

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By Grayde Bowen | 18/09/2023

Smart Device Data Sharing

The Register has summarised a Which report indicating that many Smart or IoT devices are harvesting data that is far from necessary for the …

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By Grayde Bowen | 11/09/2023

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence should not be confused with Open Source software although it can involve the use of Open Source tools.  Instead it relates …

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By Grayde Bowen | 22/08/2023

Attack Surface Management

The computing world is constantly throwing up new buzz words.  Attack Surface Management is like many of these novel terms.  It is not a …

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By Grayde Bowen | 14/08/2023

Kindus 100 Posts and Counting

This is the 100th blog post on, rest assured that none are AI generated but instead reflect the analysis and opinions of people …

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