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Simulated phishing attack

We organised a campaign for a client where suspect emails were sent directly to their employees. The employees had been warned of the campaign and were expected to report these messages as phishing. We collected the data on sent, opened and reported emails over a series of monthly simulated attacks. We subsequently discussed the results with the company and modified their training plan to build up staff awareness of phishing.


Kindus guided a client through the ISO27001 certification framework. We provided assistance where necessary and the client is now ISO27001 certified.

Helpdesk software

A client was not satisfied with their current helpdesk solution software. We compared the capabilities of various alternatives to the client’s needs. A suitable solution was decided upon which we installed in parallel to the existing system. Kindus provided continuing advice on customisation and operation of the new system which is now the sole computerised helpdesk solution within the client’s business.

Supplier Audits

Our client required that external bodies who supplied goods or information had to meet stringent security standards. Kindus performed audits of these supplier’s systems and worked with them to ensure that our initial client’s standards were being met.

Training materials

Kindus supplied bespoke training materials to a client in languages including English, French and Spanish. Web based content was embedded within the client’s training software to optimise employee engagement and reporting of results. Supporting training was provided on-site and remotely.

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