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To ensure your IT security arrangements are successful, you’ll have to get all of your employees on board. Unless they’re aware of the threats, they won’t be on the same page when it comes to defending against them. That’s why we hold regular security awareness training.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest vulnerabilities in any IT system is the workforce that accesses it. Around 90% of today’s cybercrime results from the action or inaction of employees. That’s why criminals are targeting employees with increasing frequency.

Awareness Training Awareness Training Awareness Training

We’ll look at real-world attacks and some of the latest threats, and we’ll show you the most up to date tactics, methodologies and techniques for defence, mitigation and recovery.

Our Approach

What Your Employees Will Learn

By investing in the IT security knowledge of your employees, you can protect your business assets and minimise costs. Our goal is to give the attendees the skills, knowledge and know-how to identify, report, isolate and mitigate cyber threats of all kinds, including:







By the end of the training module, your employees will be more vigilant and knowledgeable on the biggest cyber threats facing businesses today.




  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • GDPR and data protection laws
  • Phishing
  • Online scams
  • Password attacks

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